The best tourist destinations in 2024

People are curious about the possibility of exploring a novel destination, one that remains undiscovered to us, where the crowds are not overwhelming. Over the past few years, a growing number of tourists have opted for less-frequented locations in close proximity to popular tourist hubs.

This time we have chosen very interesting tourist destinations.


We can say that Europe has a lot of locations, and one of the hidden places is the incredible fjords in Norway. Norway also has many beautiful valleys and waterfalls that are unique. The special feature of Norway is that it has a special relationship with the Sun, which allows for a significantly longer day. if you go in early summer, you can get to know the warmer environment and find out where the longest sunset is. For all those not interested in mountain walks or glaciers, there are beautiful rivers for boating or cycling down the plains.



In the shadow of major European countries like Italy and Spain, Portugal has become much more intriguing for travel over the past decade. Its uniqueness lies in numerous beautiful tourist spots with considerably more affordable prices compared to neighboring European countries. The wealthiest city is Lisbon, which, with its vibrant tram-lined streets, offers a truly enchanting experience. Many explorers also recommend the smaller city of Porto and visits to smaller local towns, as well as fishing villages and vineyards nearby, where you won’t encounter a larger influx of tourists



For anyone seeking something more exotic yet still easily accessible, get to know Morocco in North Africa, where there are excellent places to discover. Just 10 kilometers across the sea from Spain, over the Mediterranean, and you already have at your disposal a popularly diverse architecture and culture where Europe blends with Arabs and Africans. The panorama, combined with orange buildings, beautiful beaches, and palm trees, is a true feast for the eyes. For those craving action, you can watch or try surfing at Agadir Beach. For those more laid-back, there are many historical sites, such as various museums in Saint Laurent and the extensive Jardin Majorelle garden in the historic city of Marrakech.



In this country, one of the unique cultures in Asia thrives. It is also very accessible and offers advanced transportation between tourist sites. The city of Rajasthan is one of the most colorful and architecturally rich, providing a vast array of white and yellow buildings in a Venetian-style – Indians call their version Udaipur, where you can find numerous floating palaces. A highly interesting event is the Arabian Camel Fair, which you can witness in Pushkar. You can also afford a more adventurous motorcycle trip to the Himalayas.



A beautiful tropical island situated in South Africa, near Tanzania, is renowned for its scents. On Zanzibar’s white beaches lie some of the world’s most beautiful coral beaches, surrounded by stunning sands along the shore. Among the interesting places to visit is primarily Stone Town, which boasts numerous historic streets with markets, reflecting the diversity of Persian-Arab scents. In this city, there are also many museums describing the significance of this town during the slavery era. It is also a great idea to visit spice plantations nearby or indulge in diving on the beaches of Nungwi. Many bars and taverns in the vicinity carry an excellent touch of pirate times, and fishermen on the beaches contribute to an authentic historical experience without excessive modernization.


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